Binary MLM

In Binary Plan MLM incentive can be given on matching pair it can be given as per 1:2 / 2:1 consideration.

For Example: In following example consideration will be 1:2 and commission/incentive will be applicable when all member are paid. Here 2:1 consideration and incentive will be issued.

In any plan if admin will consider the 1st Pair 2:1/1:2 then it will be issued to member late if admin has decided the joining type as 1:1 after 2:1/1:2 Pair type ( In some cases 1:2/2:1 is called as Tail) After tail 1:1 will be Applicable. Here commission is done as payout now you member can join 1:1 for unlimited depth.

In above example D& E Will be matching for you as 1:1 and commission will be applicable to you. Every Binary MLM concept is depend on matching. If matching is 2:1/1:2 then this is applicable only once in throughout the life of plan later 1:1 will be calculated.

It is the conditional things which admin can apply and within this admin will consider the below ID structure for Joining/next purchase.

  • Red = Unpaid Member
  • Green = Paid Member

It depend on company admin that Red id/ free id will be affected or not if he has not paid.

Leader Pin:

1. What is leader Pin/Login?
Here leader pin or Joining is a concept where that ID/Joining will be considered as paid but it can not affect up line members in any case (pair matching/tail)
2. Why leader pin?
Leader is a person Who has a team of member and if company want to register those member then that leader will be Joined as leader login means he will get commission on down line Joined members but he can not affect up line members.


Top up is nothing but converting Red/Free member to paid members to paid members if he wants to Join/Purchase the product.

Power line:

In some cases leader is having specific business and if admin wants to register those customer then it is optional to company that customer will issue manual power to that ID through the Software means only Weaker leg joining is enough to generate the commission.

Here company/admin can use the E-pin/Wallet to Join member


Binary concept is depend on matching and hits will be more than company will be debit for those hits if Average hit count is more than 3.5 It will happen when tree of 10,000/20,000 (depending on structure of our tree)

What is Hit?

Hit is concept when one person is affected on up line for their matching